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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Go Texas!

Last night was sad for me.  As a die hard Sooner fan, I was sad to see Sam Bradford get hurt and our team not play to the standard we've been accustomed to these past several years.  However, I went to OU in the 90's so I'm used to heartbreak.  The good news is that this was just one game and I know we'll turn it around.

Some people seem to think that just because I'm a Mormon, I would be happy that BYU won.  Let me put something into perspective.

If BYU played Texas, I'd wear orange and cheer for the Longhorns. 

That's how much I "like" BYU. 


  1. I tend to agree. I was rooting for OU last night but did it "secretly" since I AM in Utah and surrounded by BYU fans. Next year will be different for me though. A close friend of ours is playing for BYU but is red-shirting this year. But rooting for Texas over BYU??? Wow, that's harsh! LOL

  2. I LOVED this post. And I might do the same. But only because I know Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy are friends. Last January when the U of U was doing all their whining about BCS Bowls, all I could say was "I'd like to see them beat Texas, much less my Sooners." And I still don't think they could have beaten either one.

  3. I was cheering for BYU last night, it wasn't until I blogged last night that I remembered you were a OU fan! I hate to see anyone get hurt but boy am I happy we won!!:)

  4. When in doubt, go with the Big XII. That's what we tell our kids. ;)

  5. we always cheer byu when they aren't playing wyo, on Ne then it is phone war between the families.

  6. Again, I say GO COUGARS!
    (That is to say, if OU were to play U of U, I'd wear, um, still blue. :))

  7. LOL! You're so funny! :)