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Friday, September 04, 2009

Laid Up.

I had another crazy day today.  Got some great done work with Deb for Toolulu.   Then I came home and had a wild afternoon with Caleb.  Once I got everyone calmed down, I was ready to get some chores done.  As I was taking a load of laundry out of the washer and putting it into the dryer, I felt something happen in my lower back.  Standing up was extremely painful.  I stopped what I was doing and went to lay down. 

Sitting doesn't bother me too much.  It is sore but doesn't really, really hurt unless I try to stand up and walk.  I'm trying to look on the bright side of the pain.  I'm hoping that by resting it tonight, I'll be better tomorrow.  In the meantime, I've got my computer, a beverage, dinner is on its way, and a book. 

Not to mention, I'm really glad this happened while Carl is home.


  1. ohhhh my. I feel for you Christy!

    Hope you're feeling better soon. LMK if you need anything!

  2. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Get Well Soon! I will go make you a card.

  3. Janet6:15 PM

    Ouch!! I hope you feel much better very soon. Being able to bend, lift, and move freely is something most of us take for granted.

  4. Go see a chiropractor. I betcha you are all out of align from your Caleb wrangling.