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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rock of Ages Review and Giveaway

ROA_album cover

I was so excited to get this CD to review from the One2One Network.  It's got Constantine (you know, the American Idol Finalist from a few years ago) and some of the greatest songs from the 80's. 

I really love the mashups.  They have some great songs together.  My favorite combo is:  Any Way You Want It/I Want to Rock.  And seriously?  Oh, Sherrie and Don't Stop Believing are definitely highlights.  I've been rocking out to these since I got the cd and I've even got my kids singing some of the songs.  Nothing makes this 80's child happier than to hear her child sing, We're Not Gonna Take It. 

You can buy Rock of Ages here or try to win it!  One lucky reader will get a copy sent to their house.  You know you want it.  Just comment and you're entered.   I'll draw a winner on August 14th.


  1. I'm already a winner! (and I need to return your copy. . .:)

  2. That sounds like an awesome cd!

  3. You KNOW I know I want it!

  4. I'll enter this contest.

  5. Sounds like a great CD, I am singing out loud right now. And sorry I missed last night -- it was my wedding anniversary. But, I do need to set up a convenient time to stop and run something thru the Big Kick!! :)

  6. Of course I want it, silly!

  7. Cab fare??? You know I would love this one!

  8. Randi1:14 AM

    I LOVE the 80's! Sign me up! How do you hear about all these cool things? You are the woman I tell ya!