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Monday, August 31, 2009

Autism Walk Recap

autismwalk state fair 017

The Nebraska Walk Now for Autism was on Saturday and it was quite the family affair!  Here are the kids and Carl on the walk portion of the day. 

For me, the day started early.  I was at the stadium by 9am to help get the volunteers in order.  I was starting to get worried a couple of weeks ago that we weren't going to have enough volunteers.  But we ended up having more than enough!  That was a good problem to have!  Thanks to those of you that were able to come out and volunteer!  It was much appreciated!

autismwalk state fair 008Some readers of this blog might recognize a few of these great volunteers!  

autismwalk state fair 007 Caleb was so excited to see Audra!  She's one of his primary teachers and he talks about her all. the. time.  In fact, I don't think he's been this obsessed since the Carliles.

I was busy volunteering so I didn't get to see the kids too much except for during the walk.  I was glad I gave Carl my camera to capture some of the fun. 

autismwalk state fair 016 I mean, who wouldn't want to see a picture of their kid coming out of something like this?  I jest.  They love that caterpillar bounce house.

autismwalk state fair 012 Looks like Caleb loved all the bubbles and activities in the sensory tent.  Check out those Husker tennis player volunteers!  Thanks, guys! 

autismwalk state fair 021 After the walk, a few of Carl's scouts came to help with the cleanup.  They worked so hard but we rewarded them with snow cones, popcorn, Subway sandwiches and free t-shirts! 

Thanks to all of you that helped us raise money!  Our team was able to raise (as of right now) $490.  That was a lot less than my goal (darn economy) but we were excited to be able to raise at least that much!

autismwalk state fair 019 Until next year!


Edited to add:  I forgot to add the link to the news story (it is in the right sidebar- you'll have to find it in the small thumbnails because I can't get their popout player link to work) about the event.  Nothing like getting interviewed after working outside for several hours! 


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