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Thursday, August 13, 2009

If It Kills Me

I've had a really long day today.  The kids have been super wild and all I can do is count down until school starts.  It probably didn't help that I found Caleb's morning meds on the table still untouched at 4pm. 

The day started off great, though.  I woke up super happy.  I had an amazing dream where I was friends with Jason Mraz and we were on vacation.  We kept running into all sorts of people that I hadn't seen in years.  I hadn't had a dream feel that real since the one I had where I was married to Patrick Swayze.  I have no idea where that came from and it was probably 8 years ago when that happened.  I just remember waking up and totally expecting Patrick Swayze to be right there. 

Back to Mraz.  This dream was so real that all day I've been thinking that we we really are best buds.  Now that I'm typing this out I realize that I may need some medication or some sort of intervention.  I mean I don't *really* think that Jason (we're on a first name basis now) and I are best friends.  It was just such a vivid dream that they feel like actual memories. 

Where am I going with this? 

I guess what I want to do is share one of my favorite songs.  This is If It Kills Me.  The version on the album is nice but the peppy background takes away from the feeling of the song (in my opinion).  This acoustic version is so much more powerful.  In fact, it is the same version they used on SYTYCD.  I get so emotionally involved with this song and all I can do is hope that he gets the girl. 

I usually have to listen to Lucky immediately after this song so I can imagine that it is part II of the saga. 

I don't usually spend my days obsessing over my favorite singers, but on a day like today, it was a welcome diversion.


  1. I think we should commission a Jason Mraz little pocket size doll from Mattel. Then you really could carry him around with you.

    I can just see it. . .the little hat, an acoustic guitar. Sweet. You push a little button and he sings. . .I'd better get to work, I only have 8 months until your birthday.

  2. Deanna9:29 PM

    I LOVE this song too! Make It Mine is my favorite...the horns. This is probably my second and Beautiful Mess my 3rd.

    I see nothing wrong with you and Jason being friends. Introduce me> He is so uber talented.

  3. Christy, you make me smile! Thanks!

  4. No way! Once I had a dream that I fell asleep on the bus and woke up drooling, my braces stuck in Axl Rose's weave (he was passed out drunk).

    I bolted awake and realized that Mr. Caloopula, my pet ferret, was picking food out my teeth while I slept.

    I realized later that day that both the weird dream and the oral hygiene challenges were probably the result of falling asleep while eating leftover Pei Wei Diner crab wontons in bed.