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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Passing Out

If you follow my twitter or facebook feeds, this is old news.  Eva fainted yesterday.  Then she puked.  It all happened while I was getting interviewed for Silicon Prairie News

I got the call as I was getting home.  I thought the most stressful part of my day had passed.  Not the interview.  The fact that I left my iPod Touch in the Buffalo Wild Wings bathroom!  I had taken it out of my purse to check the calendar and left it by the sink.  Luckily, not many women eat at Buffalo Wild Wings so it was still there an hour later.  Phew.

Back to Eva.

Apparently, she was standing in the bathroom with some of the other girls that Mary watches.  Then she fell straight backwards and lost consciousness.  Mary revived her.  Eva's lips were blue and then she threw up.  They gave her some 7up and some Ramen noodle broth.  Then she called me.  Mary didn't want to interrupt my interview.  I told her that the next time anything like that happens, she can interrupt ANYTIME! 

I got to Eva in a few minutes and took her to Urgent Care.  Caleb was freaking out because he was going to miss swim lessons.  Lucky for him, Shannon was able to take him at the last minute*.  THANKS!  The only thing they did at Urgent Care was check her blood pressure, make sure she wasn't in immediate danger (after they made us wait 20 minutes to see a doctor), and then told us to go to the ER.

All of this was happening and I couldn't get a hold of Carl.  This made me mad.  He got a cell phone just for this purpose!  Turns out he was in a meeting and I couldn't have got a hold of him anyway, but still!  It stressed me out.

At the ER, we had to do a little more waiting.  Luckily, Eva was in good spirits.  The color was coming back to her face and she wasn't throwing up anymore. 

I signed on to the wi-fi and was extra thankful that nobody stole my iPod from the bathroom earlier in the day.  I started tweeting and facebooking (yes, they are both verbs!) updates.  It helped me feel better. 

In the end, here are the highlights:

  • no explanation
  • HOT ER Doctor!
  • Blood Work
  • EKG
  • Discharged

The best explanation they could come up with was that she was so sick from wanting to vomit that she passed out.  I guess we'll never know.  The good news is that all her tests came back okay and today she is totally back to normal.  We hope it was an isolated incident and that it doesn't happen again!!!!

In other news, today I sliced Eva's toe open with the library door.  No trip to the ER necessary but she is sporting some pretty sweet band aids. 

*Shannon also just delivered brownies to me.  Awesome.  I should be taking brownies to HER!


  1. What Caleb freak out? Surely you jest. :-) Ben was the same way. Oh, wait, he still does freak out.

  2. I hate to throw up and have often passed out trying to avoid it. So that diagnosis actually makes sense to me, though I thought I was the only person in the world who was wired like that.

  3. Holy cow girl! I can't believe you are calm enough to write about it! LOL

  4. Janet (Grandma)10:19 PM

    I'm glad Eva feels better now. What a day!

    I'm so glad you have a blog to record events like these for posterity. How I wish that I had had technology like that to chronicle some of the catastrophes and triumphs of our lives.