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Thursday, August 27, 2009

CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lipcolor Review

Here's another review for all you lipstick afficionados.


I reapplied it after I filmed the last part of the video and it lasted really well the rest of the day.  Not bad.

You'll need to check out Robyn's response to yesterday's video.  She's got some lipstick that it looks like I'll need to try out after CoverGirl sends me my $8 for that lame lipstain!


  1. I am most definitely a lipstick aficionado - in fact, I don't even own a single lipstick. (Oh the shame!) But I am enjoying these reviews. :)

  2. That lipstick seems to work better than yesterday's. If you do get your money back try out the Revlon. It literally stays on my lips all day! My only complaint is that I will often run out of the gloss before I run out of lipcolor and without at least one application of the gloss my lips feel dry.