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Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm officially a work at home mom.  Nothing has changed over the past few days except my state if mind.  I woke up Saturday morning and realized that Stay At Home Mom just doesn't quite describe me anymore. 

christy-craftchallenge_ad200px jpeg is generating some income.  I work hard at it and I'm happy to see some results. 

My craft challenges are a blast and I love having an "excuse" to craft.  Who would have thought I would become a Craft Blogger? 

I also blog at Family Eden.  I contribute one blog post a week there and it helps fund some of my other ventures.


I'm also working hard on the company I started with Deb.  It is called Toolulu.   We've taken on a few clients and have started teaching some basic Blogging 101 classes.  {Plug: our last *FREE* Blogging 101 class will be this Saturday!  Sign up here.  Just a few spots left!}

Our goal is to help businesses learn how to navigate social media and make the most of their business online.  Our backgrounds are perfect for this type of work and we compliment each other well. 

We're probably a little bit crazy for taking this on but it is what we live for!  We're passionate about it and are loving every minute of it. 

I love having the freedom of working online.  I can take the kids to the park, fix lunches, play games, break up fights, set up conference calls, write up proposals, take pictures for tutorials, and write blog posts.  My days are full and fun (mostly). 

And there you have it.  I'm a Work At Home Mom.


  1. Randi9:07 PM

    ...and being a WAHM is not as easy as other people think it is. Trying to juggle work and kids at the same place can definitely be a trial some days! Overall it has been a huge blessing to our family. We never had to send the kids to daycare and that was one of our main goals when they were have Mom in the home.

  2. What a woman! Way to make the life you want.

  3. I tried working from home once, but then thy cracked down on zoning, something about the nudists down the street charging money to get into their parties. D&%^n nudists always ruin everything good.