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Monday, June 22, 2009

Oklahoma, OK!


I think my brother, Sam, is ready to go home.  We made him do all sorts of crazy things this week.  It sure is hard to entertain a 13 year old and my own kids.  In the end, I think he had fun.  Are all teenagers just bored to bits during the summer?

We leave to go to Oklahoma in a few minutes.  I'm just putting this post out there while I'm waiting for my iPod to sync and before I shut down the computer.  Gotta be technologically prepared for this drive!  IMG_2097

The kids woke up early this morning knowing that today was finally the day to go.  Unfortunately, it isn't helping them get dressed or fed any quicker. 

 IMG_2096 Eva let me braid her hair so I shouldn't have to worry about that much during the week.  All it took was half of Mamma Mia! 

I also finished up the last of the drawstring bags I made for the girl cousins.  I scheduled that post to show up on sometime later today. 

I should have wireless most of the week and I have quite a bit of online work to do so I'll should still be blogging on vacation.


  1. Hope you have a safe journey and a wonderful trip!

  2. Bon voyage..... or should I say Buen Viaje?

  3. by the way, where were those photos taken?

  4. The guy in the second photo, with the glasses on his head. Do you know him? Is he available?