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Thursday, June 04, 2009



Since when did trash cans become so darn expensive?  Granted, I still have the same trash can I got when we got married (almost 11 years ago).  Maybe that's why I've been coveting these new shiny ones lately.  But $100?  For a trash can? For that price I expect it to take it out to the curb for me, too.


  1. Totally with you on that. But for complete disclosure: I spent more than that on mine. But it has a lid (little babies can't put non-trash items in it) and it matches my kitchen (stainless) and it's big enough to fit pizza boxes (a staple in this house) and it holds a lot of trash (less taking it out.) But I think my mechanism that takes it out to the curb on its own is broken.

  2. You and I had twinner forest green trashcans remember?! We upgraded to pretty much the same plastic trash can in white. Come on, it's like $10 at Target. . .be twins with me again!