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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Paint My Cabinets

This morning I woke up and realized that I had this insane desire to paint the kitchen cabinets.  It's not a project I'm going to start tomorrow or anything.  But, I might like to accomplish it this summer. 


Here you can see my countertops, a bit of the tile floor, and the yellow walls.  I'm having a hard time deciding what color to paint them.  White won't work in that room. 

How about red?  IMG_2084We have this small accent wall painted red and a larger wall in the upstairs section.  Will that be too much?

Should I stick with a neutral?

I should mention that Carl is totally on board with this plan.  I called him at Scout Camp to ask him.  I didn't want to waste my brain power thinking up all these grand plans if there was no way I was going to be able to do it.  Now that I have permission, I'm starting to question it. 

Am I crazy?   Should I leave them the way they are?  Or what color should I choose?


  1. Ah, you know what I just thought? How about leaving the bottom cabinets. . .then they'd still go with the banister/rail, etc., and just do the top cabinets red. Then you have a pop of color but not too much?

  2. What about just painting the inside squares of the cabinets red, and let paint the borders either a different color or leave them as is? (All red might be too overpowering.)

  3. I would paint the top a neutral, creamy color and paint the bottom green. Not a "wow-that's-green" green, but a subtle, low-key green that would mesh with the yellow and red you have. It would give you a little color, but still feel neutral, without being overpowering or adding any craziness to the kitchen. Because I think you have enough crazy. I think it would also work to paint the bottom cabinets red for a little more uhmpf. But keeping the color to the bottom would keep it from being too much and detracting from everything else. And there you have my design tip for the day.

  4. I had another idea though. You could do all the cabinets a neutral color and do the island cabinets some other color--red or green or pumpkin squash... Also if you painted the red accent wall yellow to match everything and painted the island red it would draw your focus to the island and away from the banister. Sorry, I have too many ideas and would begin to tell you what else you could do with the rest of your house if I had no self control whatsoever.

  5. I think you should definitely go with green. I think it would go well with the other colors you already have.

  6. I'm loving all the comments! So many ideas!

  7. I'm really boring, but I like them the way they are.

  8. My vote is distressed navy.

  9. So many options!

    I like the idea of darker base cabinets. The red would really pop, and give a lot of visual weight to the cabinets.

    I'd start by painting the island first (or only?). If you go with the red, it'll sort of blend into the accent wall, but it would be broken up by the countertops and tiles. It's possible a third color would be too much, but if you keep it in the same tone as the yellow and red, it should be all right. Maybe a dark-ish blue...not quite navy? Ohhhh, how about staining instead of painting? There'd be a lot of sanding to do, but a dark blue stain would be quite attractive.

    Also, I vote for only doing base cabinets. You've got a nice, bright, open kitchen. Plus, I love the look of two tone kitchen cupboards!

  10. I like the green idea, too! I am actually painting my kitchen -- walls and cabinets, next week! The kids are off @ Gma & Gpa's -- so I am hoping for a productive week! :)

  11. Oh, I totally didn't mean enough crazy as in your design style. I meant your "life" style...i.e., kids, work. (I also like the navy or blue ideas.)

  12. I like green, like a minty green that would go well with the walls and the red, not a darker green that would make your kitchen look like Christmas...

  13. Randi5:12 PM

    Stick with wood finish...your cabinets will never be the same again once you paint. Paint chips very easily and gets banged up.

    Wood never goes out of style either!