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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rex by Cathleen Lewis

When I signed up to be a book review blogger for Thomas Nelson publishing, this was the book that I most looked forward to reviewing. This book is about a young musical savant, Rex. As the mother of a child with autism and also extreme musical capabilities, I was intrigued by the story. Cathleen Lewis outlines her struggles and joys from pregnancy to present day.

Rex is an extraordinary boy with great talent but the first few years of his life were an intense struggle. From a mother's perspective, I can totally relate. Admittedly, my son has different obstacles, but the feelings a parent goes through are the same. I could feel her pain as she thought about her son's future. Wondering whether or not he will live a rich and fulfilled life. Mourning the loss of your own expectations. Some of the things she wrote hit really close to home and I must admit, it was a little difficult to read at times.

The description of how Rex found music was a bright light in the book. It marked the beginning of hope for Cathleen and Rex. I've always known that music brings people together. With my son and reading about Rex, I can now see that music brings more than that to some.

I might be a little biased, but I enjoyed this book. It is hard for me to know whether or not a person not so closely affected would feel the same. If you are curious about autism, savants, or raising a child with special needs, I'm sure you would enjoy reading this tale of a mom and her amazing son.


  1. Maybe, I'll have to check it out! Sounds a bit depressing though..

  2. I watched a documentary on him- 60 minutes or something. He's amazing!