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Friday, February 06, 2009

Humor Me

I guess I'm not as funny as I used to be. Hardly any of you guessed correctly!

I didn't know whether to be glad or disappointed that you chose me for Best Personality. I'm glad you all think I have a good personality---or did you think I wasn't awesome enough for Best All Around or Most Likely to Succeed?

I gave a really good hint in my last post for the people at knitting group--but you had to be pretty quick to catch it. I mentioned "beans".

At knitting group this week I told a story about how when I was a senior, I went on a blind date with a guy from a different school. It was a double date. We went out to eat Mexican food. I was talking about something and my date laughed so hard that beans came out of his nose. I'm pretty sure that put me over the edge in the senior voting process--because someone reminded everyone else about that incident. What can I say? Small school.

Were any of you voted class clown? Or something else?


  1. I wasn't voted anything. (Guess I was too normal.) But I'm totally diggin' your high school picture!

  2. Dang! I was SO close to putting that. . .but then I put Class Flirt. :)

  3. Anonymous10:23 PM

    I wasn't voted anything, but with a graduating class of about 2000 and only a dozen or so categories, there were a lot of people left off the list.

  4. OMG your hair is SO awesome.

  5. You hair is wicked sweet in this picture:) I was never voted anything, but Kellie was best dressed in 8th grade and I got her hand me downs. Although, they probably didn't look as good on me three years later and me being about 2 inches taller than her....hummmm.

  6. Okay, I guessed Most Likely To Succeed. Dang it.

  7. Most Intelligent.

    See going to a small school has it's advantages. :-) We were both voted something!

  8. I'm gonna toot my horn here and say I got it right. Do I know my roadtrip buddy or do I know my roadrip buddy?