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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Follow, Follow Me

A few weeks ago Blogger came up with a new "following" feature. I decided to try it out. Kudos to my former student (and chuzma) JennieO for being the first to follow me! You get una estrella dorada!

Here are the details if you want to find out more how to follow someone's blog or have followers on your own. All you really need to do is click on the widget in my sidebar (to the left of your screen). Try it! I think you'll like it! I love how it is compatible with google reader (another one of my favorite things).


  1. Gracias por como se dice "the shout out"
    I want everyone to know that I am your biggest fan (and number one Chuzma). OH and my parents might be purchasing a Mexican restaurant in Monticello. I might have to brush up on my Spanish.

  2. One question: Will you get to wear a tiered skirt and a sombrero if you work at the restaurant?