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Friday, September 19, 2008

BlogHer 2009 Here I Come!

Thanks to Kelby, the stars aligning, and some lovely sponsors, I get to go to BlogHer 2009!!! It will be sometime in July and somewhere in the US and I will be there. For sure!

Don't know what a BlogHer convention is? I only know how awesome it can be by living vicariously through other bloggers. There are parties, classes, and Rocco DiSpirito!!! Okay, Rocco might not be at BlogHer 2009...but that won't make it any less fabulous.

I have 10 months to prepare.

What to wear?

Anyone want to plan on coming along?


  1. That awesome!! Congrats!

  2. Lauren3:26 PM

    I am sooooo jealous. I want to go soooo badly!!

    What all happened that is allowing you to go?

  3. You know a Kelby? My whole life I've only heard of one, and that's my brother. I'd like to have a daughter named Kelby, but it doesn't go with my husband's last name at all (and I haven't yet managed to produce any child at all, so I shouldn't count on a daughter specifically).

  4. Fantastic! Yay for you! How does one go about finding a sponsor? I just moved to my own domain, but had over 5,500 readers last month. I think that's a decent audience. I'd LOVE to go to BlogHer 2009, but don't know if I can afford it without a sponsor. Any advice you can offer would be wonderful! :)