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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Three Days, Three Different Concerts

Boyz II Men

They started a group and here they are kickin' it just for you.

We didn't get to this concert early enough to score seats inside. It was jam packed an hour before the show started. So, we camped out on the grass and waited for the show to start. Lucky for me, they opened with Motown Philly so after that we moved across the street to sit on a bench. We could still kind of see them and we could hear the concert just fine. Plus, we avoided all the second hand smoke.

The crowd was an interesting mix of 30 somethings and lovers of R & B. We had some ladies by us on the grass that were freaking out like teenagers. I liked watching them just as much as I liked the show.

Jo Ann Castle

What? You don't know who Jo Ann Castle is? I realize that most people my age probably aren't Lawrence Welk afficionados. However...we love her. When I told Carl that she was coming to the state fair, he rearranged his work schedule so he could be there (she played on a Tuesday morning).
We were by far the youngest people there. While we were waiting, Eva had a drink and Carl listened to his mp3 player. I was knitting. It was interesting that the person introducing Jo Ann was a VP from a local health care center and started the introduction with a quick commercial on their new assisted living facility. A little different than the Boyz II Men show when they were just promoting the local top 40 station and the CW.

We didn't get that great of seats on purpose. Eva was a little wiggly and we wanted to be by an exit. The music was great. I heard a couple of songs before Eva couldn't stand it anymore. She had to run around.
Here she is at her most attentive. Carl said the concert was good and Eva and I had a good time walking around the fair. We caught a little bit of the pirate diving show.


The Styx concert was on Labor Day and I went with Wendy, Shannon, and Shauna.

It was great. We rocked to classics like Too Much Time on My Hands, Lady, and Come Sail Away. In addition to some minor hearing loss (we were about 10 rows away from the front) we enjoyed people watching.

As you can imagine, there were some hard core rockers in attendance. Plus, lots of drunks. Wendy pointed this lady out to me. She was drinking from a paper bag. This wouldn't be so out of place at an outdoor concert like this was but if you consider who that bag belongs makes it a little more interesting.

Fun times, as usual.

Rock on.


  1. How fun! Well, it looks like Granny may have been having a little more fun...;)

  2. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Of course I remember JoAnn Castle. She would just grin away while pounding on the keys! My grandparents LOVED her. As for the boozin' babe, well, her real age is 40...