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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Eva's First Day of School

On a whim, I signed Eva up for a 4 hr. a week preschool. It is at the rec center connected to Caleb's school. There are 3 other kids enrolled at the moment.

She was so excited she didn't really want to pose for any pictures this morning. These were the best I could do.

While she was in school, I went to the dentist for a major cleaning. Deb's sister, Julie, was my hygienist. I won't say it was a pleasant experience but if it wasn't for Julie, it could have been a lot worse. We chatted a bit (well, as much as you can when you have all sorts of stuff in your mouth). I have to go back for the top teeth next week. Julie--if you're reading this--the numbing mouthwash lasted until noon. Not bad.

I got done in plenty of time to go and pick up my big girl from school. She had colored some papers and made a shield with her name on it. I think she had a great time! We celebrated by going out to lunch with her other favorite adult, Mary, and then did a little shopping. We're barely home in time to welcome home our other school bound kid, Caleb!


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  2. Janet7:02 PM

    Sounds like everyone was happy with the arrangement, especially Eva. She's an adventurous little girl.