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Saturday, May 14, 2005

We Have Packers!!!!

The Crafty Conservative

We're having professionals pack our belongings. Having shingles was good for something. Here's the downside: they will be here to pack up on the 19th. Uh huh. That's 1-9. Thursday. This coming Thursday. Five days away. Somehow I've got to sort our belongings into basically three categories: 1) Things to pack; 2) Things we need between the 19th and 31st; 3) Trash/what we're putting in the Great Giveaway.

They won't be loading up the truck until the 27th. That will be 8 days living out of a suitcase but still with the benefit of having our beds. After the 27th, we're "homeless". I lucked out after just one phone call, though. Some friends are going out of town and we're going to stay at their place until we go to Chicago on the 30th. We'll spend 1 day/1 night there and leave from Chicago on the 31st to get to Lincoln. The truck will deliver our belongings to us on the 1st. I'm not too excited about all the things we're going to have to do because of the packing schedule. However, I think these inconveniences are much better than having to pack our own house.

Because of this, my knitting has gone to pot. I can barely even take the time to blog but I'm justifying it because I have to be at the computer anyway. I'm printing out certifiates for the outstanding Spanish students of the year. Multi-tasking. That's the way to do it. After I'm done with this entry I'll continue my multi-tasking by trying to clean up all the trash around the computer desk. I'm going to miss my computer. But, I'll still have access at the school (where I should have the time to blog...don't fret little lambs).

1 comment:

  1. Yes, the inconvenience is absolutely worth not having to pack yourself. Trust me.