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Thursday, May 12, 2005

To my dear Frog:

The Crafty Conservative


I know you're almost 28 months old and all you want to do is drive us batty with your tantrums and entertain us more than any high-paid celebrity ever could. I just have a tiny suggestion. Could you please grow up a little slower? I don't even mean developmentally. I mean physically! You're getting too big for your britches (literally) and I'm not emotionally ready for you to be in 4T clothes yet. So, can you keep on squeezing into those 3T for a little while longer...maybe 18 more months? Think about it. And don't even get me started on your shoes! Do you really need size 11?

Your loving Mommy


  1. now i have the oppisite problem: my little guy is too big for 18 month pants but 24 month or 2t is way too long, and falls off of his tiny butt. I'm glad he is still in diapers or they really wouldn't stay on:)

    please forgive me and my horrible grammer, its one of my downfalls:)

  2. Can the upside to this be that Tristan has some really cute 4T stuff he's just outgrown that I would love to give to someone I know?

  3. Oh Melessa...I'll take them! I'll be in Oklahoma in 5 weeks. See you then! :)