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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

An Open Letter

The Crafty Conservative

To the apparently two different people that decided the back of my van was a good place to leave your shopping carts:


To the bloggers that don't know the difference between loose and lose:


To those who smoke:

If you like smoking so much, why do you insist on smoking with your window down? The smoke blows into my van through the vents and it is icky. Granted...I'm a super-smeller. I can smell even trace amounts of cigarette smoke in unlikely places. It's a curse. But, back to the point. Why don't you keep your smoke in your own car?

To my blog readers:

Excuse my crabbiness this day. That second shopping cart was the last straw!

Thank you.


  1. I hate smelling smoke through my vents. I know exactly what you are talking about. I also know the difference between lose and loose, but my spell check may not. I suddenly have the paranoid urge to start checking my archives for lose/loose errors. :>)

  2. Oh, don't read anything into my loose/lose rant. I wrote it about a blog (I don't even remember which one exactly) that used them both in a post and they were both used incorrectly. Example: I hate loosing my place in the pattern because then my stitches become too lose. Even I (oh no!) have been known to write the incorrect one every once in a while but only b/c it was a typo...not because I don't know the difference between the two.

  3. You're on to one of my big pet peeves! I have to admit that, as wrong as it is, sometimes I find myself feeling slightly superior when I find blatant misuses of lose/loose, you're/your, their/they're/there, etc. I'm a grammar snob. Don't even get me started on punctuation . . . suffice it to say that I read "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" as soon as it came out in the US.

    My current pet peeve: I've seen more than one blog that included the word "Waa-laa!" when I'm pretty sure the author meant to say "Voila!" Being the curmudgeon I am, I actually said aloud: "Get a clue about French, people!"

    Melessa, don't be paranoid -- I've never seen these grammar offenses in your blog. You would never say "Waa-laa!"

  4. eek! now i'm all worried about my grammer! and it's probably bad too! eek!

    those shopping carts are out to get ya! LOL
    hopefully you'll have a better day tomorrow!