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Monday, May 16, 2005

A Conversation With my MIL

The Crafty Conservative

My mother-in-law was here visiting (along with FIL) for Sugar Daddy's graduation. She brought along some recipes to see if I might like to copy them.

MIL: Here's one for Zuchinni Rice Casserole. But, you probably won't like that one.

Me: Why not? That one actually sounds like the best one so far, to me.

MIL: It's too healthy for you.

Me: Hmmm. Well, that was kind of rude.

The conversation kept going apology or explanation for her rationale behind the comment and Sugar Daddy was giving me a sympathetic look. The kind where he's sorry for what his mom just said but not sorry enough to say anything or get me out of the situation. A few recipes later...

MIL: I have two recipes for lentil soup but it looks like I only brought one. Do you want this one? You probably don't have one because I got it out of a health cookbook.

Me: Actually, I do have a recipe for lentil soup because I have some healthy cookbooks myself.

MIL: Well, it looks like these are the only recipes I brought. Drat. I thought I had packed more. So, you don't want to copy any of these then?

Me: I guess not.

Because I don't eat broccoli (gross) or wheat bread (unless it's homemade...but they probably don't know that) they think I don't like or eat anything healthy. Well, I wasn't the one that ate the half pan of rice krispy treats that were left over from a group picnic or the half dozen snicker cookies left from my recipe group!


  1. ARUGH!
    sometimes it's just better to let them talk and agree with them!
    I *hate* when my DH doesn't stand up for me... really HATE it!
    so sorry she was so mean!

  2. Ah In-laws! Can't live with them, can't shoot 'em either. Having met the aforementioned MIL, even though it was only once, I can still visualize this conversation easily. Oh well, they live far away and SD is worth the hassle of their visits, I think. (you would obviously have the final say on that)