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Monday, April 18, 2005

You Spin Me Right Around Baby Right Around Like a Record Baby Right Around Round Round

The Crafty Conservative

I learned how to spin using a drop spindle last night. I would have taken pictures but I left my camera at school over the weekend (full of pictures that I needed so I could make an 8th grade cookbook...but I was too lazy to drag my butt back up there on a weekend). I'll bring the camera home today and hopefully tonight I can have a few moments to practice (definitely needed!!!) and take a few pics. I used the drop spindle that SD made for my birthday. It seems to work fine but he needs to do a little work on the hook end (just a little sawing action). I also got to try out a friend's spinning wheel. He did the spinning, I just did the drafting to try and get the feel for it. He let me have some of his roving, too. He's a vet student and has access to a lot of fleece. People just give it to him. So, I'm a lucky recipient of that, as well. He's also making a gift to us (courtesy of Big Apple) of some spun yarn, most likely alpaca. It's so I can knit it up myself into something for the baby. What an awesome gift for a knitter, don't you think? I don't know if I'll get totally hooked on spinning. It seems a little labor intensive when I'm most interested in the final product (a knitted garment). But, I'll reserve judgement. I mean, I only did it for about 30 minutes last night before Frog started threatening to destroy our friend's spinning wheel.

1 comment:

  1. wow... i wish my hubby was talented enough to make me something cool like a drop spindle for my b-day. i always wanted to try spinning, eventually. That is possibally the best gift you could give a knitter. how personal, to spin some origanal yarn for you. you're a lucky woman!