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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Another Benefit?

The Crafty Conservative

I get the emails for my kids. They send them out every so often saying what should be going on with them and give tips and tricks. I usually skim through them and delete them. Today I got Big Apple's 5 week-old email (has it really been that long already???) and it mentioned that next week I should be able to start having sex again. I told Sugar Daddy and he got a kick out of it. So, is this really a benefit of adopting? Not having to wait? I'll let y'all be the judge.


  1. OK, you know I'm just dying to comment on this, but am biting my tongue lest I offend another reader. In short, DH would call it a benefit. For me, it would depend on how many times a night I was getting up with baby before I would call it a 'good thing.'
    You tell me, is it a benefit? ;0)

  2. We had a pretty good discussion about whether it was a benefit or not (since I warned SD I would be posting about this...). Here's my side: getting less sleep than normal with a new baby, it's kind of nice having a set time where I wouldn't have to feel guilty saying no. But, it's kind of nice knowing that I could say yes whenever I want to. Hmmm...I guess I'll be reserving judgement on this one. It won't be making the "official" adoption benefits list.

  3. Although I have no experience with mothering, I have to agree with Melessa on this. I can't imagine being "in the mood" when I'm getting so little sleep at night. Maybe I'll find out some day, but I think I would want more than six weeks of official hiatus.