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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Here's Sugar Daddy and Frog reading a mechanical engineering magazine. Congrats Dr. Sugar Daddy! I love you! Posted by Hello


  1. Oh yeah, definitely 21 by now. (kidding) Congratulations SD!!

  2. Congratulations to Sugar Daddy! My husband is about four years away from defending his dissertation (he finished his Master's in a different department several years ago, so he has to redo the all coursework -- blech!), but I already appreciate what a huge accomplishment this is for all of you.

    SD might not really age, but he'll "look" older as your kids get older. My 35-year-old brother doesn't look a day over 23 (also skinny -- actually, almost exactly like SD, but with no glasses), but he "looks" at least 26 when he's with his 8-year-old son.

  3. That was such a cute story :D

    Congrats on marrying yourself a man with the potential to become a doctor :D