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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Dr. Sugar Daddy, I Presume

The Crafty Conservative

August 1994: I met an 18 year old Sugar Daddy as soon as he got to the University of Oklahoma. He was skinny, wore a t-shirt, big glasses, jeans, and a hat. He seemed nice enough. He didn't remember meeting me that day.

September 1994: I asked SD out on a "date" to the OK State Fair. We were supposed to see Toby Keith but missed the concert because we were in the karaoke tent. He was skinny, wore a t-shirt, big glasses, jeans and a hat. He seemed nice enough. We didn't set another date.

October 1994: SD asked me out on a date. He didn't have a car so we walked to a free concert on campus. We went back to his house and hung out with his roommates. We made plans for the next night. I saw him the next night. He fixed me dinner. We stayed up all night talking (Kim was there, too). I saw him the next night. We had our first kiss. He stopped dating any other girls after that. He was skinny, wore a t-shirt, big glasses, jeans and a hat. He seemed more than nice enough.

May 1995: SD left to go back home and prepare for his 2 year mission to Paris, France. I went to see him in June. I met his parents and brothers (except Eric...I met him later). We were the only ones in the world that knew we were going to get married. I don't think anyone else thought it would happen. He was skinny, wore a t-shirt, big glasses, shorts, and a hat. We were in love.

January 1998: SD is home from his mission. I'm home from mine (18 months in Guadalajara, Mexico). He's got another girlfriend (long story, maybe later). I break them up. He was skinny, wore a t-shirt, big glasses, and jeans. Apparently, he got a new hairstyle on his mission and the hats are a thing of the past. I was mad at him and then back in love with him again.

February 1998: We get engaged. A couple of weeks later, his ex-girlfriend does as well. We make some calls. People don't understand. SD's parents say we're too young, not ready. My mom wants me to find a guy with a job and a car. I tell her he has potential. He was skinny, wore a t-shirt, nice glasses (courtesy of my friend, Brenda), and jeans. We're engaged!!!

August 1998: We get married in the Dallas Texas temple. He was skinny, wore a tuxedo, and looked mighty fine! No turning back now!

August 2000: We moved to Purdue. SD got his BS from OU that May and it was time for grad school. By this time, his parents are okay with me (I think) and my family now asks SD why he married a girl like me. He's the favorite. He was skinny, wore a t-shirt, nice glasses, and jeans. Still in love.

January 2003: We added a little Frog to the family. SD still working on his degrees. Still skinny, still wearing t-shirts, same glasses (not so nice anymore), and jeans. Did I mention that these are the very SAME jeans and t-shirts that he's had since 1994? It must be love.

March 2005: We added a Big Apple to the family. SD almost done with his degree. Interviewing like crazy. Still skinny, new glasses, and wearing his hand-knit "I'm gonna be a professor" sweater vest. He must really love me.

April 14, 2005: Sugar Daddy, PhD. He defended his thesis today. He's done. School is over for him. It's the end of an era. We're really looking forward to the next chapters in our life. You can count on the fact that he will still be skinny, wearing glasses, t-shirts, and jeans. And don't forget, I'll be loving him oh so much!


  1. Congrats to Dr. SD and to Mrs. SD who deserves just as much credit for putting up with the Dr-ing process. From one who knows.

    dr. b.

  2. Congrats! I loved your narrative about the process.

  3. Also, I haven't read it but there is a new novel titled Knitting, a Novel by Anne Bartlett. Thought you might be interested.

  4. Yep, I'm a sucker for skinny, t-shirt and jeans wearing, with glasses hunk of burning love too!

  5. I guess I'm ressurecting an ancient post with this one but it was exactly what I was looking for!! A nice overview of your past life (since you blog more than I do, I haven't made it through every post left)

    I started laughing about you breaking up "SD" and his girlfriend. I'd totally forgotten about that. Allison wanted to know what was so fun. Hmmm.... hard to explain so I just shrugged.