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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

J-lo dream

The Crafty Conservative

I had a dream last night about my blog. So, of course, I have to share it! I was sitting on a couch knitting. I think I was at a store like Barnes & Noble. At any rate, it was a public place. On the other end of the couch were two girls...also knitting. It was a big couch. They were talking about my blog. Of course, I was listening (it was my dream, after all!) and I introduced myself. I said, "Hi. I'm Christy from the blog". Then I started giggling because it reminded me of the J-Lo song "Jenny from the Block". And of course, I started singing, "Don't be fooled by the sticks that I got, I'm still I'm still Christy from the blog". If this were real life, I don't think those girls would keep reading my blog. Especially since if it were real life I'd be just goofy enough to do this exact same thing. I'm glad it was just a dream!


  1. thats pretty funny. i tend to break into song once in a while, when something reminds me of one... i would still read your blog just to see what goofy thing you would do next:)

  2. That's good, Jessica. Because it was you (I think, anyway, I don't really know since I haven't met you or anything) that was sitting on the couch. :) I don't know who the other person was. You were the only one that said your name.