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Monday, April 11, 2005

Things to look forward to...

The Crafty Conservative

1. Pictures of Clapotis, the ever elusive yarn guzzling FO #10.

2. Pictures of me and Tiffany at age 15. I'm trying to work on a little "I'm 30 now" retrospective.

3. An explanation of the word "WO", how it came into existence, and how very few people were ever a part of this exclusive "club".

4. Pictures of my birthday presents from Sugar Daddy (homemade ball winder and drop spindle).

5. The announcement of where we will live after June 1st. I still don't know this one but I can let everyone know that we got a job offer at Nebraska. It's a super good offer that I don't think any other school can beat. But, SD won't commit yet. He has until the 18th to decide. So, until further notice, we're waiting for divine confirmation.

Something you don't have to wait for: My birthday update! It's been a pretty darn good day. My mom sang happy birthday to me over the phone this morning (a tradition!). She's newly married so I got a little harmony this year. Not bad!

My students were really good. My Spanish II brought all sorts of goodies including cupcakes and ice cream. I even had candles (a 3-0 pair). After school, I went to the mall to use some great Lane Bryant coupons ($15 off a $15 purchase). Nothing is $15 so I had to spend a little $, but it's my birthday!!! I got 2 t-shirts (lime green, pink/yellow/white stripey) and a green button down 3/4 sleeve shirt. I tried on about 6 pairs of pants but all were too long! Even the petites. That's sick.

I got home around noon and SD let me take a little nap. Then, he finished up the taxes while I played with the kiddos. I "opened" my present from him (he just brought it out of the computer room) and played with my homemade ball winder. We ordered the pizza and then he had to go to school for a bit. When he came home, both kids were sleeping and it was time to go to the movie. We decided to skip the movie (I hate waking sleeping kids!) and just go mini golfing later. My premonition came true. I did not have the energy after my illness to pull out the victory today. In fact, I was crushed. I only got 1 hole in one (pitiful for me!) and SD got 5 (he usually only gets 1 or 2). Oh well, I will be humble in my defeat. hee hee.

After mini golf we took advantage of the babysitter and went to the store to buy baby wipes, 10 boxes of Veggie Tales fruit snacks (the ONLY kind Frog will eat even though the others are made by the exact same company in the exact same flavors...Snoopy, Sharks, or Dinosaurs just won't do for him. They have to be Veggie Tales!), and stuff for smoothies. We didn't get around to making smoothies tonight before the kids went to bed. So, we don't want to tempt fate now by making them. Maybe tomorrow. I'll have to appease myself w/ leftover pizza and grape kool-aid.

What did you do today?


  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like a pretty good day.

    30 isn't so bad. I bet you don't look a day over 28!

  2. thats cute about frog and his fruit snacks... how old is he... sorry i'm a new reader and don't know all of the facts:) my little guy (he'll be 2 in may)always wants to watch "booob" that is how he says veggie tales. hope you have a great b-day, happy knitting!

  3. Jessica: Thanks for reading! Frog turned 2 in January. This is his first "character" obsession.

    Anne: You're right! I don't look a day over 28. :) Unfortunately, my husband doesn't look a day over 18.

  4. Happy Birthday and welcome to the 30's! Believe it or not, I prefer it to the 20's. It sounds like you had a good day with lots of pampering. I'm glad!

    I would argue that SD could pass for about 21 now if he really worked at it. :>)

  5. I forgot to add that I never find pants that fit me. I'm long-waisted, but petites often come up just a little too high while regulars are always too long. I hate buying pants.