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Monday, October 02, 2006

Trailers and Tents

First off, I was wondering...can my family be considered "white trash"?

Caleb and Carl slept in the tent in the backyard the other night. It was to make up for the night they actually went camping but had to come home because of a tornado. Caleb came in the next morning and said, "Did you have fun sleeping in the tent?" (this is how he communicates with us---telling us what we should be saying to him and then never answering the questions). He kept saying the word "tent" over and over. Later in the afternoon I heard him counting.

"Eight. Ninet. Tent. Elevent..." Makes total sense.

We bought a trailer for my bike. We also bought a new bike. I don't know which one is going to be mine yet. I'm going to take them both on test runs and see which one is the best for my behind. Carl's going to use the other one for research. Yes, folks. Carl is working with bikes and getting paid. That PhD is good for something. Apparently, making the biking world a better place.

I'm excited to have the trailer. I've been going to the Y in the mornings when I just have Eva and I'd like to switch that up a little bit by going on bike rides in the morning when Caleb is at school and heading to the Y in the late afternoon. Or, skipping the Y and just using my bike ride as my daily workout. Either way, it'll be fun. I've got classes lined up at the Y for most of this week so I probably won't ride my bike until Friday or sometime next week. I'll be sure and get some pictures.


  1. I wish I had someone to bike ride with. Take lots of pictures.

    Just to warn bum is going to hurt bad the first few weeks.

    Miss you!

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    You can get special bike shorts or bike seats with gel in them that make your bum not hurt quite so much. I want to see a picture of the bike and trailer. You are not white trash. You are exceedingly cool. In fact, I wish I had a new bike and a bike trailer.


  3. I replaced my bike seat with the widest seat I could find (I call it the "granny seat") and it's much more comfortable than the original seat. It's the widest bike seat I've seen on campus, which makes my bike fairly dorky-looking, but I don't care because I bet I'm more comfortable than all the "cool" cyclists.

    That's my recommendation -- buy a granny seat and pedal in comfort. Gel seats are also very comfortable, but they don't last long here in the desert.

  4. Janet2:21 PM

    Oh, how well I remember putting Carl (and each of the others, of course) on the bike seat and going for rides. Fun! I'll bet Eva will love it. Useful comments about the bike seat. I wish I could go out and ride my bike, but.... Happy pedaling.