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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Koigu Kersti Killer

My socks of doom have arrived. Alas, I'm a dead sock warrior and I couldn't be happier! These socks are so nice. My assassin spared no expense and used Koigu Kersti in a beautiful colorway (browns and blues). They arrived yesterday. My competitive spirit gave way to a reality check when I realized I just don't have time to work on Sock Wars anymore anyway. So, I'm glad I'm dead. on to other things.


  1. hey long time no see! I like you new blog look! very calming. It looks like you've been busy knitting away, and even making your own stockings! very cool! Hope your all doing well:)

  2. Glad they fit! You have such little feet it was a pleasure killing you! :) I have 9's and a lot of the ladies knitting had 11's and then the men's socks were even longer! I had it easy. I'm secretly glad I'm dead too as kids and other knitting projects were needing more time!

    Your kiddos are adorable! I'm totally going to find mp3 players for my kids for Xmas this year. I didn't know they had kid-friendly ones, I've just ordered my own little ipod shuffle the other day.