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Monday, October 09, 2006

Rallying the Troops

We have a lot of people helping us with Caleb. Here's the list.

1. Preschool Teacher-Teresa. She is the most fantastic teacher on the face of the earth. She does so much for the kids and the parents. Bless her.

2. Preschool Para-Linda. Linda tries everyday to make Caleb not afraid of the automatic flusher at school. He still won't go when he's there. He comes home off the bus and runs straight for the toilet. Poor kid.

3. Preschool Para-Mary. Mary taught Caleb how to say "I'm fine." when people ask "How are you?" He sometimes says it if you ask him other questions, but that's okay. He's learning.

4. Speech pathologist-Carol. Carol comes to my house every other week and listens to me. She encourages me to keep up the good work. She gives me hope things will get better. Next week she's even bringing in a behavioral specialist (Deb--haven't met her yet or I'd give her her own number) to help me with him here at home.

5. Occupational therapist-Jodi. Jodi just started working with Caleb. He's learning how to use scissors, do zippers and buttons, and draw pictures.

6. Behavioral Psychologist-Kiki. Yep, that's her name. Kiki has been working with Caleb for about three weeks. In a few weeks we'll have an actual diagnosis for Caleb thanks to her office. That's the one thing the school distric kind of hemmed and hawed about. They kept him labeled as developmentally delayed instead of doing more testing to figure out he is most likely somewhere within the autism spectrum disorder.

7. Friends here in town (and out)-All of them! There are so many people here that are supportive of me. They listen to me complain (when they all have problems of their own, too) and offer to help. Sometimes I take people up on these offers and I realize that I can make it.

8. Family. I didn't mean to put family last but they all live far away and the support they give is all emotional. Not less important, mind you. Just less tangible.


  1. Wow, you go Christy. You have a whole team of people helping you, that is awesome. I would love to hear Caleb say, "I'm fine". So sweet.

    Good luck with everything and keep us posted on all the new things he's doing. I can't wait to hear. Love you guys!

  2. Janet8:58 PM

    How blessed you are to have such a support team. I doubt that such kids in my generation received much help. There's progress. Do know that we love you all and cheer even the small victories.

  3. Hurrah...

    My computer still only lets me onto your site 1/4th of the time so I have to log on, drop everything and catch up on all the reading..... :-)

    I love how you are handling the kid,lets. You aren't supposed to be handling this all the time, no one does and when you throw in the autism stuff....well, you are doing great (this is referring to the post a few days ago). I am so glad you ahave a team to help you. Another blog friend of ours has a son that is 7 or 8...and he just started neruo feedback and has been amazed at the team of people that are available to help this kids get the skills they need to be the best that they can be.....

    You are doing great..........


  4. Hey, those automatic flushers can be pretty darn scary. Madison hates them (and she's almost 8), she makes me stand right next to her.

    Caleb was so cute on Sunday, he was extra excited to sing every song!