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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Put Your Headphones On

I had a good 15 minutes of "peace" on Saturday when the kids decided to share the headphones on my shuffle. Of the songs that played during that time, "Separate Ways" by Journey elicited the most dancing.

Caleb really loves listening to the music with the headphones. The other morning the bus never showed up (a bad, bad thing--they didn't come until 9:20 and his school gets out at 10:50--Carl dropped him off at normal time, though) and we had a good hour to kill. He was all ready to go--he even had his backpack still on! I took off his backpack and gave him my shuffle. He laid on the floor with that thing and was still. STILL! I think I know what I'm getting him for Christmas! They have those kid friendly mp3 players that I'm sure he'll just love.

Eva liked the headphones but lately her entertainment of choice is "MO". Elmo? Nope. NEMO! She can't get enough of that movie. Anytime we're by the tv she'll point to the DVD player and say "MO MO MO?". She's starting to sound like seagulls from that movie. It's really cute. Needless to say, I'm quickly becoming an expert on on all things Nemo. Something I hadn't noticed before---the skull in the fish tank has a sign that says "Didn't Brush". Cute. Dentist office.


  1. The kids are so cute!

  2. wow i'm sure that was nice! just some peace and quiet. sounds like a wonderful gift not only for him but you also!
    LOL when my eldest was about eva's age she only wanted to watch shrek. i still know that movie by heart every single day we HAD to watch it! hilarious

  3. That is cute! I need to show Mckenzie Nemo, she loves fish right now.

    So, 9:20, eh? What is up with that???

  4. Claire also loves Nemo but I was a huge Little mermaid fan growing up...yes I had Mermaid sheets and the Alarm clock in college my freshman year.... So needless to say the day it came out on DVD I purchased. Tim and Claire love it and sing "Part of your world"... We miss you guys! I am starting my own blog but at this point still clueless :)

  5. Great pic of the kids!