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Sunday, November 21, 2004

One sock down!

The Crafty Conservative
I actually finished my very first sock! It's not quite a pair yet but it's getting closer. When I finished the first one, I followed the advice of every sock-knitter that I spoke with and immediately cast on for the second. But, I was so motivated, I probably would have done that anyway. It's absolutely adorable! I've put it on everyday since I've finished it. My husband doesn't get it. I even teared up a little. I am really just so proud of myself. I'm already to the length of the foot on the second sock. I anticipate that I'll have it done by Tuesday. I'm waiting to take pics until I have a complete pair. The bad news: I'm going to BARELY miss the one skein mark (100 g) and have to dig into the 2nd skein. It's a self striping yarn and I don't know what else to make out of it. There won't be quite enough for a scarf...nor is it the kind of yarn I'd like to have a scarf made out of. My son's baby doll is naked so maybe when I get around to making his little outfit it could be in this yarn. It would be funky striped (orange, pink, green, turquoise) but I don't think my son (or the doll, for that matter) will care.


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