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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

My first ever SnB meeting

The Crafty Conservative
Last night was my first SnB meet up. There were 5 knitters including myself. I worked on this zipped up hooded sweater from the "Hip to Knit" book. I just started it a week ago. I'm only about 50 rows into it. One knitter was working on an intarsia sweater. It's the first time I've ever seen anyone do that in person. It looks a little complicated. But, her yarn was gorgeous! She bought it at the Feast of the Hunters Moon.

In other news: I was so into knitting last night that after I came home from the meeting, I finished my socks!!!! Oh yes, and I have them on right now! I'm the only one awake at my house or I'd make my husband take pictures. I guess I'll have to post them later once I get back from work. The most exciting part about making them...finishing them and having only 6 INCHES of yarn left. How's that for planning (or lack, thereof)? I didn't have to get into the other skein. So, now I can take it back and trade it for some other color of sock yarn and start again!

Life is good.


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