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Monday, November 22, 2004

The Amazing Race

The Crafty Conservative
I just realized that I failed to blog about The Amazing Race. It premiered this week. The first leg was exceptionally long (including a mandatory sleepover in Iceland). It gave a lot of people a chance to catch up...which always makes things exciting. In past seasons, it has been hard to know who to root for from the very beginning. In that case, I usually pick the old couple because they're usually the nicest. The nice thing about this season is that right away I know who to NOT like...those crazy entrepenuers from California. Oooh that man makes me so mad! What a jerk. But, for TV's sake, I'm sure they are hoping they don't get eliminated soon. It will certainly make for some entertaining tv. And, as long as they don't win (they certainly don't NEED the money---did you notice their car and home in the opening?) I'll be happy.


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