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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Self Indulgent Links For You

1.  Toolulu is open for business!  We will be adding to our website soon but we are starting to solicit clients and schedule training classes.  We're super excited! 

2.  How to Use Flickr.  I wrote up a post talking about some basic instructions on how to use the site.

3.  Teacher Gift Ideas.  I wrote posts about this at both the Lincoln Handmade Team blog and Type A Mom

4.  Want to sign up for the craft challenge in June?  You can find your packets at my shop.  

5.  The Yanni Ticket giveaway.  So far there is only one valid entry so if you want to win, your chances are very good.


Want to add your own self indulgent links?  Go for it!


  1. My blog isn't up yet but feel free to have a look at my website and Flickr pages. See you on Twitter.

  2. OOOoooo, NO SHE DINNIT!

    What do you mean 1 "valid" entry? Is this how you treat you most favorite commentoress???? You have dissed the Gayla!

  3. Gayla-- the two tickets will probably be right by mine. I'm sure you wouldn't want to blow your cover, would you?