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Monday, May 11, 2009

An Outfit a Day

I don't remember the last time Eva just wore one outfit a day.  She is quite the fashion plate.  I decided to take pictures of all her outfits in one day.  IMG_1985

This is how she was dressed when she came up from bed.  Mismatched princess slippers, a corduroy jumper, a pink tank top underneath, a princess crown, and a pink backpack. 

Not long after, she traded accessories.IMG_1987 She ditched the crown and slippers for a more conservative "shawl". 

IMG_1982 Did you notice her straight hair?  She wanted me to straighten it after she saw me using my hair straightener one morning.  I think she looks much better with curly hair but she was proud of her new look.  Here she is sporting her green ruffly dress.

IMG_1988 A short time later she changed into her Dorothy dress and a brown t-shirt underneath. 

IMG_1989 Here she is in her last outfit of the day.  I'm sure there would have been at least a few more but on this night she left the house to go camping with Carl. 

I can't turn around for a minute without risking Eva changing her clothes.  Never a dull moment with that one.


  1. Do you just hang them all up at the end of the day? And are you sure she isn't Lisa's daughter instead of yours :-)?

  2. Anonymous9:30 PM

    What a cutie. My girls like to get dressed up, but don't usually go through that many changes.

  3. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Tiffany...I was thinking the same thing! Lisa is the one that changed her clothes multiple times a day.
    BTW blog readers, Christy did almost everything she was told. Including staying dressed.

  4. I love it! That is really funny. I don't think Tori knows that she can even do something like this. Thankfully it cuts down on the laundry;)

  5. Janet (Grandma)7:04 PM

    Thanks so much for showing us the evidence. I never had experience with that.