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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just an American Idol Observation

This post does not include an American Idol winner spoiler.  Although, you'd be hard pressed to avoid one if you are online.  Anyway, while watching the show tonight I noticed something.

Adam got to sing a medley of songs with KISS.  That was freaking amazing. 

Kris sang one song with Keith Urban.

Danny got to sing a medley of songs with Lionel Richie. 

Do you think the producers thought that it would be Danny and Adam in the end?  You know they have to set these performances up ahead of time.  I bet they didn't count on Kris making it to the end.

Oh yeah, and I love Jason Mraz.  A lot. 


  1. My kids were freaked out by Kiss. Too funny.

    And I didn't think Kris would make it to the finals. So, that is likely.

  2. I think you are definitely right! But I'm so glad Kris won! He has been my favorite since the beginning.