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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blogging 101 Class

Print Toolulu will be making its professional debut by offering a free Blogging 101 class tomorrow night at Panera (66 & O).  Deb and I are really excited for it and we're going to have some very beginning bloggers there as well as some that have established blogs but want help making them a little better.  We will have time for specific questions to be answered so come ready to learn!  We have 4 spots left.  If you'd like to attend, comment here or send me an email

Topics to be covered: 

How to link

How to add pictures and videos

Updating your sidebars

Tracking--how to know how many people are visiting your blog and from where

Some quick tips and tricks

Other fun sites that can help your blogging


You'll go home with a handout outlining what we talked about.  More importantly, it's an evening out with fun people!


  1. How about "how to attract dynamic, engaged blog visitors like me, Gayla, Commentoress Extrordinaire."

  2. I'm not quite sure how I attracted such a dynamic commenter such as yourself.

    Want to enlighten me?

    You're looking good, btw. Love this latest pic of you but my favorite is the granny with a gun.