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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Neil Diamond

The Crafty Conservative

As some of you remember, I love Neil Diamond. At the end of this past school year I even took time out of class to show my 8th graders the "joy of Neil" by having them watch him sing on the Today Show. As soon as we got close enough to Omaha on our drive out here, I started hearing that he was going to be in concert on July 25th. I didn't get my hopes up too much. I've already seen him in concert (2001) and I told Sugar Daddy that it would be enough. At the time, I was telling the truth. But, now I want to go again. Sugar Daddy must want to as well because he didn't put up a fight at all when I asked him if I could get tickets. Unfortunately, there weren't any good seats left. That was the best deterrent for me. I'm not going to shell out all that dough to go to a concert and have rotten seats. I wasn't that disappointed. It is saving me a lot of logistical planning not the least of which is who can we get to watch the kids? We don't even know anyone here yet.
Someone is playing a dirty trick on me. They just added another date, July 26th. The tickets don't go on sale until Monday. I have a chance of getting good seats. I'm torn. I'll give you the update on Monday.

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  1. Hi, I have a weird question for you. I noticed you are on the same blogspot as me and I am having a horible time trying to join some of the web rings like the Knitters for Bush and others. I go to the web ring page and they say to click on the html stuff and right click select all, then click anywhere in the box and click copy. The problem is when I do the second right click the menu doesn't say copy anywhere. I am lost and when I try to contact the web ring they just send me a e-mail to look in the direction and I can't find it. Since you have been successful can you help me?