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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Frog Lives

The Crafty Conservative

That previous post is Frog's way of saying..."I'm feeling so well today that I thought I'd help mommy blog!".

He really is back to his normal level of crankiness and cuteness. I'm so glad. To celebrate we went to Cici's Pizza for lunch. We met dad there on his lunch hour. Frog is back to his normal eating habits as well. I was getting worried when all he would eat was a little bit of applesauce and popsicles. After that, I went to check out the zoo. It's kind of expensive for a small zoo ($6 adults/$5 kids). I wasn't willing to shell out $11 for us to check it out right before prime nap time. So, we took a $2 train ride around the zoo instead. Frog saw goats, llamas, ponies, and a peacock. He was most interested, however, in the cars and trucks driving by. I should save my $2 next time and just stroll him down a busy street (on the sidewalk, of course)! He liked going through the tunnel and when the conductor would toot the horn. Frog would say "CHOO CHOO!". I know he liked it when he was screaming bloody murder and flopping out on the floor so it was nearly impossible to remove him from the train w/ Big Apple in tow as well (asleep in her carseat). He's definitely feeling better.

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  1. Hey, you should check out of UNL employees get a discount on a zoo membership, you also can get a zoo/children's museum membership. . .we'll have to go to the children's museum, it's awesome!!