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Friday, June 03, 2005

Lincoln, USA

The Crafty Conservative

Well, I am finding myself in Lincoln, Nebraska for the second day in a row. I have a computer, my bed and the rest of my belongings in this strange home. I'm still not quite used to things...but, it's getting better. How's this for priorities? We've got the computer up and running but Big Apple's still without a crib. But, really, what's a few more days in a bassinet going to hurt?

Here are some things I wanted to mention before I forget:

1. They now have Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. It's about time! I am now giving up my Diet Cherry Coke habit and switching back to my first love...Pepsi.

2. Unleaded Plus gasoline is cheaper here than regular unleaded because of the ethanol.

3. I read The Da Vinci Code while we were housesitting. Better than I had imagined.

4. I don't think that I ever mentioned that I finished reading The Nanny Diaries by someone I don't remember but narrated by Julia Roberts (okay for an audio book...glad I didn't waste actual reading time with it, though). I also read The Lonely Boy by Lois Lowry. It's typical Lois Lowry.

5. The Frog has been having a really hard time being a good boy. So much so that I broke down and bought the Nanny 911 book at Wal-Mart the other day. I haven't done much to change yet but he is getting better. I think living out of a suitcase for 2 weeks was a little too much to handle. Now that his toys are back out and he has his room, things have been going much, much better.

6. I didn't cast on for the 2nd Hogwarts sweater like planned. I read instead (see #3). I haven't even thought about knitting (big lie...I'm really wanting to make Via Diagonale from knitty but trying to forget about it as I have a ton of other things in the works. But, I have the perfect yarn for it! We'll see how long I can hold off on that one.

7. I'm getting cable internet on June 13th.

8. I'm probably not getting cable because they want to charge us $53 a month!!! What the heck? We can get regular channels plus CNN for $17 or basic cable (HGTV, Food, etc...) for $53. There is nothing in between. What a rip-off. I told Sugar Daddy that if we can get at least CBS (SURVIVOR/THE AMAZING RACE) with rabbit ears, I'll be able to deal with that but he'll have to foot the bill for Netflix.

9. I'm retired. I am no longer a school teacher and I am also done selling Pampered Chef. They both served their purpose and I am now moving on to super FULL TIME stay at home mom status.

10. We opened a new checking account today and got a free cooler. I love America. :)


  1. it's good to see you back in the land of blogs. i'm glad things are going well. congrats on becomming a full time SAHM! good luck on un-packing,and happy knitting!

  2. hey congrats on finally moving in! really cable is so over rated! LOL or over priced that is! lol i was thinking of reading that book Da vinci code so it's good?
    bassinets are good for baby's! our Lil one was in hers for the first 3 months or more.... you're little cutie is still small! LOL i hate living around boxes i hope you get unpacked soon!
    congrats for the Full time SAHM! it's hard but it's rewarding! have you founda knitting group to go too once a month?

  3. Re:#7--'bout time you entered the 21st century

    Re:#8--Direct TV and other satelite based services are slightly cheaper than what you quote quote for cable, and I suspect they are better than the local cable. I doubt you have a problem with line of sight in Nebraska.

  4. I relate to the cable costs, ours is $53 a month for my precious Food Network (my precioooouuuuussssss....). It's like they know when you make lots of money and hike up the costs. Welcome to being rich!

  5. I'm all about Survivor and Amazing Race, let's have a premiere night party!! Also, hate the cable prices!!! They suck you in with the good channels (love Food TV and Discovery Health) then skyrocket the prices! When we get our upstairs finally done (never?) I think we'll head to dish.