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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Why I Bother

The Crafty Conservative

First, Merry Christmas! my topic of the day. Why I bother going to church with a toddler. Today was the worst day ever for our little frog at church. He was totally cranky and volatile. Not fun. It doesn't help that we were visiting my mom's building (we're in Oklahoma for the holidays) and her ward doesn't start until 2pm (prime naptime). But, really, I sometimes wonder whether or not it is worth it. So, I thought up some reasons on why I even bother going every week (even though I rarely get to hear any of the speakers).

1. I have a testimony. I'm a believer. Going to church is a real help to me. It strengthens my beliefs and helps me make it through the week. Even if I don't get to hear what everyone says, I can feel the Spirit and enjoy the company of others.

2. My little frog learns things there each week. Okay, he's only 23 months (almost) and he goes into the nursery after our main meeting. But, I'm amazed at the things he says and does when he comes home. The other day he started saying "sun...beet" and throwing his arms up in the air. They have singing time in the nursery and they sing "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam". When you sing "sunbeam", you throw your arms in the air. We never sing this song at home (well, we do now) so I know he learned it at nursery. He also knows "The Wheels on the Bus" from nursery. He just started singing it the other day.

3. We're setting an example. Going to church is important to us and our family. We want little frog to feel the same way. We want him to have the opportunities of participating in the activities with the other kids and getting into the habit of regular worship.

4. It's the right thing to do. Skipping out on church meeting just because it's not the easiest thing to do with a young child (or children) isn't a good enough reason. At least, not for me. Even though I get frustrated sometimes, it'll take a lot more than an unruly kid to keep me from church.

5. I just thought that there should be five reasons. I don't really have any more reasons to list...I just think there should be a number five. It didn't seem complete without it.

There. All better.


  1. I know what you are saying and I understand. When my little one goes to nursery and then comes home. You can just tell they were touched by the spirit in some way. And thanks for leaving me a comment. Are you LDS too? Would love to talk to someone who is and a mother that crafts too!!!!!!

  2. I am LDS. We definitely have our own little culture, eh?