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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Knitting Schedule

The Crafty Conservative

For the first time since I've begun knitting in earnest (August 2004), I bought yarn without a particular project in mind for it. I feel like I've sort of entered a new phase of my knitting obsession. I started reading the blog, I'm Knitting as Fast as I Can and there was a contest to figure out how many pairs of socks she could make from her sock yarn stash. I'm obviously nowhere near having that kind of stash...however, I can see how that could easily happen to me.

So, I'm putting myself on a sort of knitting "schedule". If I get a chance to knit in the daytime, I will work on socks. I have one pair on the needles, although I'm about ready to frog it all and find a better pattern. I have one done already and I'm not too excited about how it turned out. I'll make an executive decision on the socks tomorrow. It's dark outside so I'm trying not to think about the socks. I just realized that they are harder to knit when the natural light doesn't come into the room. I guess I'm too blind.

When I get a chance to knit at dusk or later, I am going to work on my hooded sweatshirt found in Hip to Knit. That is also my "on the go" knitting right now. I'm working on the right front side so it is pretty portable. It's also 100 rows of stockinette now that I'm done with the ribbing so it's kind of mindless. I think that's why my eyes don't bug out so much when I work on that at night.

The top item on my Christmas wish list is a head lamp. Although, now I might have to tell my husband about the ear lamp that Yarn Harlot posted as part of her "Gifts for Knitters" series. I was kind of looking forward to knitting with a head lamp while watching The Amazing Race. Almost all of those teams wear them. Solidarity, you know.

I've digressed. Back to my schedule... I'm going to start a new project soon. But, I don't know where it will fit in my schedule. Daytime: socks. Nighttime: sweatshirt. My new project, you ask? Booga Bag. Maybe I'll relegate my sweatshirt to "on the go" status only while I work on the fabulous bag! I think I'll sleep on it and reserve judgment until tomorrow...or Monday. I better get a good night's sleep for a big day of decision making!


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