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Monday, October 19, 2009

No Change.

I stepped on the scale today at Weight Watchers and I weigh the exact same as I did last week.  I'm counting this as a win considering the majority of what I ate last weekend came from Arby's.  Darn you, 5 for $5.  I can't resist you. 

In other news, this poor blog has been neglected.  I've been busy working on my other sites and have left this one to languish.  I'll try to update it as much as I can but frankly, I have got to spend my time on the other ones since they actually pay some bills.  I've also found that most of what I would be blogging about here in great detail, gets shortened and facebooked (yes, it's a verb) so by the time I'm ready to blog about it, I'm "over" it.  Fickle me.

This blog is still my go-to site for kids news, poop stories, and weight loss adventures.  I'm by no means ready to shut this baby down.  I just felt a little blog neglect explanation was in order. 

Until next time.


  1. I remember when you use to post everyday before you became such a celebrity with booming blog businesses. Awww, those were the days . . . :-)

  2. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I miss your daily blog posts. It was the highlight of my day.

  3. I still look at it more than once a day to see if maybe, just maybe, there is an adorable photo or funny snippet. I'm hooked. (And I DON"T do Facebook!)