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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

It Wasn't Me

sept2009 015


I let my daughter leave the house looking like this.  She got lots of "compliments" on her sparkly skirt and shoes.  She was so proud of this outfit.   She wanted to leave the house without any pants on under that skirt.  I did put my foot down on that one.

The pants she has on used to be Caleb's.  Yes, she wears hand me downs from her brother.

Have I mentioned lately that Eva is very into brushing her own hair?  This involves her squirting water all over her head and then she brushes through it.  She can't reach the back of her head very well.  It's not looking that hot.


sept2009 016

Somebody cut my iPod charging cable in half.  Eva said it was daddy.  I can't get too upset at her, though.  It could have been me.  The cable was sitting really close to all the stuff I was cutting up for the craft challenge packets.  I'm 85% sure it wasn't me, but just the possibility is enough for me not to be too upset about it. 

I wasn't going to mention on this blog that I started Weight Watchers.  But, I outted myself on Twitter and Facebook.  I lost 3.4 lbs last week.  Go me!  Now I'm trying to come up with low point treats.  You know how you can make a cake with a mix and a can of diet soda?  I'm totally going to do that.  What cake mix do you think will taste the best with Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi? 

Something else happened today.  My other blog got a redesign.  It was a win/win situation.  Steph from ThinkDoBeCreate helped me customize(d) a Wordpress theme I liked and did some great work on everything.  The price was right and she's adding work to her portfolio.  I'm sure I was the perfect client and not demanding at all even though I kept hounding her via twitter and facebook.  Want to see what we came up with?

Introducing the new

I'm still working on getting the posts organized and formatted correctly but if you've got some advice on things we might want to fix, let me know!


  1. Your new site looks sweet. I like it!

  2. Oh man. I love the soda cake thing. Use chocolate. It will be yummers.

    Also, try spice cake with a can of pumpkin pie filling. SOOOOOOO good and low points.

    I have tons of WW things I do. Good for you! You'll love it!

  3. lol. My 8 yr old looks like this almost everyday. I've given up caring as long as her clothes are clean and appropriate for the weather.

  4. My Liz would give that the 4 year old stamp of approval. In fact, Liz has those shoes and wears them daily.

    Someone left our freezer open a crack. It was like that for three days, lets just say it was drippy in there. I blamed the kids. Then I remembered there was an 85% chance it was me that opened the door last. I dropped it fast too.

  5. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Congrats to you!! going to your first meeting is the first big step! it's sad to say, but you'll soon learn to love the "treat" value to carrots, green beans and dill pickles!

    as a Lincoln-based treat - doozy's has a great 9-point veggie sandwich.

    enjoy your journey!

  6. I have a WW red velvet cake recipe that uses diet pop. Would be more than happy to share it once I unearth it.

  7. Janet (Grandma)11:29 PM

    She's such a Miss Independent!