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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Promotion and Tenure

I think I need to learn the Nebraska fight song.

Some members of Carl's department at the University asked him to go up for tenure a year early. It doesn't hurt to try. So, for the past several months, he's been going through all the stuff that entails. Paperwork, reviews, more paperwork, waiting, etc....

It's been a little stressful.

Carl told me this morning that it's a done deal. He got it (effective August 16th). I can't help but feel super blessed at a time when so many others struggle with job security. He found out on the same day that UNL announced $3.6 million in cuts. I asked Carl if this could ever happen to him. He said the only way he could lose his job is if he royally screws up or they get rid of his whole department (which, for Mechanical Engineering is very unlikely).

Good thing I love it here.


  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Congrats!!! Nebraska is lucky to have you all!! Maybe now you can get used to wearing Husker Scarlet instead of Oklahoma Crimson!
    ~Katie B.

  2. She can still wear Oklahoma Crimson. ;) Congrats to Carl!!

  3. That's awesome, Congrats Carl!

    John's department asked John if he wanted to go up for tenure a year early too but he declined. Wish us luck as we are going into all this that you just finished.

  4. Yeah! You'll stay here with US!! Congrats to Carl (and YOU--I know how it really works. . )

  5. Janet (Mom)7:16 PM

    Fantastic!! That’s quite a relief, isn’t it?

  6. I'm glad you love it here! Would kind of stink--just a little--if you didn't! Glad your stickin' around!