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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Caleb Turns SEVEN!

I can't believe Caleb is already seven years old. His birthday weekend was a lot of fun. We spread it out over the course of a few days because Carl had to be gone on Caleb's actual birthday for a scout trip. Anyway, Caleb didn't mind.

We had a little "surprise" party for him on the actual day. I got him off the bus at Mary's (our babysitter) house and all the kids were there to celebrate!

She even got him a present. He got his very own gumball machine.

I can't tell you how excited he was about that.

Here are seven interesting things about Caleb:

1. He loves to "Google". He especially like searching for Mario Kart.

2. Caleb is really growing. He wears size 10/12 clothes and a men's size 5 shoe.

3. His favorite song at the moment is Primrose Lane (thanks to Lawrence Welk).

4. He is an expert speller and reader. We're still working on his comprehension but he can read just about anything you put in front of him.

5. Caleb will eat pizza, ice cream and granola bars (sunbelt chocolate chip) all day and all night if we let him. I'm contemplating a refrigerator with a padlock.

6. He loves to draw pictures of people. Some of his favorite subjects are The Fresh Beat Band and his family.

7. He's got a smile that will make you melt.

We love you, Caleb!


  1. Anonymous8:19 PM

    So Handsome

  2. I remember the smile. :) Happy Birthday Caleb!

  3. I love that boy. He had me at "Snowman!"

  4. Janet (Grandma)9:50 PM

    I wish we could have been there to help you all celebrate. You're right about that winning smile. Happy 7th, Caleb!

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday Caleb!

  6. Anonymous1:12 PM

    How wonderful! Did he wait for you to open his presents? ;>
    How did your BetterU Challenge go? I was worried when you had your gallbladder surgery...
    Megan, NM

  7. Anonymous7:14 PM

    My kids LOVE those Same granola bars.... Claire is on her way to reading everything too I believe.... now if she was not so defiant of eating certain textures and smells. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!deanna