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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Letters to Santa

The picture above is the letter I wrote to Santa when I was 5*. I think I got out a toy catalog and just copied down every toy that looked good to me. I'm thankful that my kids made their lists a little less complicated.

Eva asked for the Toy Story 3 toys. She's been a very good girl and her dad was very brave this year on Black Friday. I think her Christmas wish will come true.

Caleb asked for Mario Kart. Santa has known about this wish for a while so when I bought the Wii (on Craigslist) earlier this year, I found one that came with that game and set it aside for Santa to use this year. He's very grateful and promised me that I'd get exactly what I want this year.

That's a Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine. I don't know if I got this the year that I wrote that letter to Santa, but it was one of my favorite toys when I was little and I know that it's going to be under the tree for me this year! Thanks, Santa!

*In case you thought I misspelled my name. I didn't legally add the 'h' until I was 10 years old.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The One Where I'm "Cool" and a "Genius"

I've been blogging for six years now. Wow. You know one reason why I started? Melessa. She was doing it. So, I thought I'd join in.

Melessa has a great talent for reminiscing and writing about it in a way that is interesting and entertaining*--whether you were there or not. I love reading about her high school adventures, her Rainbow girl antics, and college days. This week she's remembering...ME! If you care to read about some of my good old days, hop on over to her blog.

*Melessa-I hope your screenplay takes advantage of this special talent...because you really are good at it!

Monday, October 04, 2010

School Daze

Sure, it's October. The kids have been in school for several weeks now.'s been a resounding success!

Caleb is in 2nd grade. He loves his teachers and his classmates. This year was his best transition yet from summer to school. I think it may have a little to do with Academy of Rock and the consistency and daily routine that came along with that. We didn't get to do as many fun family outings (no Oklahoma trip--but we're going during fall break) but I think it was worth it for all of us. In fact, most of our family came to visit us! That was a nice treat.

Eva is in Kindergarten and comes home every day with a new adventure to share. She is learning so much. She can write her full name and the names of all of our family members. Just last night she gave us all individualized popsicle sticks when she caught us being good. I'm glad I was well behaved! We just had parent teacher conferences and her teacher told me she is well-liked and friendly. Eva is also improving her letter and number recognition. She loves books and is excited to be learning her letters and how to read.

Now that the kids are in school all day, I have time to get more done around the house. Surprisingly, I am still a master at avoiding housework. The good news: the kids are better at picking up their own messes now (thanks, Wii). The bad news: my messes are getting bigger because I'm at home all day by myself crafting and computing. My social life is improving, though! I go on "outings" at least 3 days a week. Tuesdays are for friends, Wednesdays are for Toolulu, and Thursdays are for Carl.

Speaking of Carl, he's the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric now. Basically, that means he's really busy at church. It's not much different than when he was Scoutmaster. That was a big time commitment, as well. It's just we don't get to sit by each other at church anymore. People have been coming out of the woodwork asking to help me with my kids during the service. *yes, they are sometimes that bad.

There you have it. You've been updated.

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Kindergarten Kamp

Eva is starting school this year and for a week in the summer, they have Kindergarten Kamp. She got to spend a few hours a day learning the ropes. Good thing she's getting her counting down...

Well, we're working on it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Little Gem

I'm coming out of retirement to post this sweet little gem from Eva.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Guilt Ridden

I can't keep up with this blog anymore. It pains me to say it...especially because I blog for a living. But, because of that I need to let go of this one. I will still keep it published. I will probably still post from time to time. I just need to give myself permission to let it go.

Permission granted.

I'm certainly not falling off the face of the Internet.

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My business website is Toolulu.

I hope you'll follow me over to one of the other sites.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Turning 5

Eva's 5 now so I thought I'd share a few things about my favorite girl.

1. She lost her first tooth just days before her 5th birthday.

2. She gets in trouble at school sometimes because she's very protective of her "boyfriend". She told me today that it makes her so sad that other people like him because she liked him first! Is this starting already?

3. Her favorite TV show is The Super Hero Squad Show and she likes Hulk and Iron Man the best.

4. She is very sweet and cuddly. She often just wants to sit in my lap and tell me how much she loves me.

5. Eva is finally getting better about letting me fix her hair and she's starting to take more of an interest in wearing clothes that match and are clean.

6. Her favorite movie right now is This Is It. She asks to watch it daily and her favorites are the monsters (Thriller), Beat It, and are you walking (Smooth Criminal).

7. Eva's favorite color is pink.

8. Eva doesn't like cake or cookies. She blew out her candle in ice cream.

9. She has no fear. This girl is our little daredevil. She also likes to hike and camp--which makes her dad very, very happy.

10. She has some imaginary friends. They all have weird, made up names like Sheemy, and Keyloo. She likes to dress them up, too. Sometimes they are guitars. Sometimes they are the rail posts on the stairway.

Our little Eva is so wonderful and we are truly blessed to have her as a part of our family!